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Grow the F*ck Up

"Hands down a future #1 New York Times Best Seller"

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Novel Description

"This novel is a must for every teen and young adult"
Warning: This book contains vulgar language that may not be suitable for children

With over 40 tasks that every young adult should be able to perform, Grow the F*ck Up offers late teens and young adults lessons they never received at home or in the classroom. This satirical, blunt, and straightforward novel surrounding general knowledge is sure to be the perfect gift to teach and entertain.

Sadly, most young people leave high school, and even college with even a diploma or two, yet they lack the common sense and knowledge required to perform everyday tasks that will serve them their entire lives. Sometimes, something that seems so incredibly simple really isn't, especially if you have never had the opportunity to do it before. Back in the day parents, teachers, and other mentors taught young people elementary tasks. However, in today's fast paced, digitally driven society those teachable moments are rarely experienced. Never fear... You can bet you're about to gain a wealth of knowledge with Grow the F*ck Up.

The novel itself contains six chapters surrounding automotive, clothing, employment, financial, grilling, home improvement, and miscellaneous advice. Within each chapter you will find a plethora of how-tos including how to: change a car battery, jump a vehicle, tie a tie, sew a decent button, create a resume and cover letter, prepare for a job interview, understand a 401k, write a check, apply for college loans, cook a steak, use a grill (both gas and charcoal), reset an electrical breaker, turn off the power (and water) to your home, and much, much more. For less than a single meal for two, you can give Grow the F*ck Up without breaking the bank. Don't have a copy yet? Grab a few today!

  • Content

    40+ step-by-step how-to's designed to teach you skills that you never learned at home or in school

  • Sarcasm

    Stuff that will make you giggle and shart while simultaneously gaining a wealth of knowledge

  • Pure amazement

    Find out why people call Grow the F*ck Up a "work of pure genius"

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